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Charity Organization is The Expenditure of Each And Every Penny

Charity is being preached in every religion present in world. Charity is the process of giving justice to the society which is spirit of every religion. Islam is among the very first of religions which has made strict compulsions regarding charity. There is a whole practical way of giving charity in Islam which is obligatory for every Muslim known as Zakat. Zakat is the essence of binding all the Muslims under one umbrella giving equal right and opportunities to each every person of society. It is the process of taking from the rich at one hand and giving to poor at the other. This is the real essence of Islam which had made it an institution where every Muslim has to give in regularity and permanence. zakat with ewallet

Flourish ness of society can only be achieved when individuals don’t spend all their wealth just to fulfill their desires; rather they maintain a constant know-how about the less privileged people of society and there needs. As per the saying: Charity begins at home, a true believer is one who after fulfilling the needs of his family consider his duty to fulfill the needs and assist the less privileged people of the society including his/her relatives, neighbors and society members etc. Remember, well wishing and kindness is the true spirit of charity and the giver doesn’t has to expect anything from beneficiary as there is big materialistic, moralistic and spiritual reward waiting for him from Allah (S.W.T).

Having this background, there are number of Islamic charity foundations that are operating worldwide for the benefit of suffering mankind. Islamic charity organization is an institution that works solely on voluntary basis. All the members of Islamic charity foundation are volunteers working just to help the suffering humanity without any personal motives. These organizations are runs by the money of privileged Muslims who donate money in terms of Zakat, Fitra, Sadqa etc. These are the golden obligations on Muslims which forms the base of any Islamic charity organization.

As there are Islamic charity organizations worldwide working for the betterment of humanity, so there are number Islamic charity organizations working in Canada. The essence of Islamic charity Canadais no different from Islamic charity organizations in any other part of the world. These charity organizations in Canada are not only working for the Muslims living in Canada,

rather they are working internationally and providing the assistance and help to humanity that is needed any where in the world. Islamic charity Canada is working on single point agenda for the betterment and assistance of humans. All the money that is being provided to these charity institutions is spent solely for humitarian purpose and there is well record of all the expenditure being done by institutions. Islamic charity North America (ICNA) is a true example of what Islamic charity Canada are doing. ICNA is not only providing assistance in community development, rather working for the suffering humanity in Africa, Pakistan and other places worldwide. There are many other organizations that are working on the concept of ICNA and one thing that is common in every Islamic charity organization is the expenditure of each and every penny provided to the institution for the suffering humanity as every Islamic charity foundation is a voluntary institution.

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