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Hire a Ghostwriter – 5 Ways to Make Money Online With a Ghostwriter

You can hire a ghostwriter to quickly and easily make money online. Your most important task is to find a ghostwriter who writes good content, reliable with their delivery time, reasonable with their fees and someone who you can communicate comfortably with.¬†Using their ghostwriting services, you can’t fail to make money online. I’ll show you how.

5 Ways To Use A Ghostwriter

1. Creating An Information Product

You can ask the ghostwriter to research and create an information product for you. It can be as short such as 20-40 pages.

It would be even better, if the ghostwriter can create the sales letter, minisite design, squeeze page and thank you page for you. Don’t underestimate these tasks. They can take you weeks doing it by yourself.

Alternatively you can outsource these to another person or company, but it takes time to manage them and explain the requirements. Using the same ghostwriter for these tasks will make things a lot simpler and more efficient.

A good ghostwriter can create a valuable information product which you can profit from. Something you are proud to put your name on and build your list of customers.

Once this book is selling well, you can ask the ghostwriter to create another one for you on a related topic. Then you can sell it to existing customers and of course new prospects. Continue with this model until the next time you create an information product, there are thousands of existing customers, eagerly waiting to buy. This all depends on how good your past information products were. Content Strategy

2. Writing Quality Articles

Your ghostwriter can research and write quality articles which provide valuable information to readers. The articles are researched and search engine optimized so that they rank well in the search engines and generate traffic for you.

With a quality article, you can market your website to a wide audience, build your name as an expert, drive targeted visitors to your website and get contacted for more information/JV requests etc…

Submit these articles to article directories and wait for the traffic to come. A good ghostwriter will write the content so that it will guide the reader to read right through to the end and click on your resource box.

Ghostwriters with this task in mind don’t write articles fast. Research and thinking goes into writing each article so the prices for these articles will not be cheap. However quality articles are able to generate targeted visitors to your website for years. The investment is worth it.

3. Creating Viral Reports

You can hire a ghostwriter to write a short report (10 pages) and offer it as a bonus to be downloaded when they subscribe to your newsletter. Your ghostwriter can even create the squeeze page for you to build your list of prospects.

To make this report viral, you can put a comment in the book which tells the reader they have the rights to forward this report to their friends or email lists, provided that the content is not altered in any way.

Your report can also contain your affiliate links to generate backend sales. Give these requirements to your ghostwriter and they should be able to create a good viral report for you.

4. Writing Press Releases

Press Releases is one of the best ways to launch your website and information product. You can hire a ghostwriter to write a good press release for you. Your ghostwriter should also be able to advise where you can submit your press release for the best results.

With a press release, you will get an initial surge of traffic and also good search engine rankings since press release websites are authority sites and have good Google Page Ranks.

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